The Aronia Berry in the Journal of Physiological Pharmacology

Interesting study performed to see if Aronia is an effective antioxidant when looking at human blood platelets in vitro.  This study was performed at the University of Lodz in Poland where Aronia is a much more common fruit.  It is exciting to see ongoing and increasingly more compelling aronia research reports into this amazing antioxidant berry.

Aronia Study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry

The latest research to come out about the Aronia Berry can be found in the journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.  The study was performed on rats and seems to further confirm the idea that Aronia Juice supports healthy liver function.

Try Aronia Juice!

There is a new website out that users can go to and request a free sample of aronia juice.

Phytotherapy Research

It looks as if the research into the benefits of Aronia has now "branched" out from the the study of the Aronia berry to other parts of the plant. In this most recent study, extracts were taken from the leaves of the Aronia bush and tested to see if they had antileukaemic properties. You can find the article here.

In Search of Aronia – Part 4

We walked the fields, I snapped photos for upcoming literature and took video for Oki - The Aronia Story DVD. I left the farm that day completely convinced that the Aronia Berry was destined to be the most compelling botanical the world has ever known.

There was still about two hours of daylight left when I left the farm in the red Dodge Caliber. I figured I might try to find the island I had known as a child. I took out a map, followed the Platte through town, and found the spot where 71st street meets the river. I approached the river as the sun began to cast its red light on the river. The river had switched sides and now stood between myself and the comfortable clearing I was looking for. It was apparent that I would not be making it across for some time. I took out my camera and filmed the red light dancing on the water. So begins The Aronia Story.

In Search of Aronia – Part 3

Our discussions revealed a few interesting things about Aronia:1) They do not have a substantial yield until years 5 or 6 when they will produce 20-30 pounds per bush(thats alot).2) This particular Aronia berry bush was called "Autumn Magic". 3) Autumn Magic is shorter in stature...about 4-5 feet tall. This makes them easily harvested with a blueberry picker and can help make growing Aronia as a cash crop more viable for future American Aronia growers.4) Pests don't attack Aronia. Therefore no pesticides, fungisides, or herbicides are needed or used.5) Most importantly, I heard about all of the health benefits that the Aronia Berry offers. Stories about friends, partners, and family. It was hard to understand why everyone doesn't now about this health secret.

In Search of the Aronia Berry – Part 2

I rolled out for the 11 AM appointment. Unfortunately, the farm was without an address, so the tricky directions had me lost for about an hour. I didn’t mind, the farm houses in the area were huge and beautiful. I could see the draw of rolling with the seasons and raising a new crop every year. The farm I arrived at was great. A big space for all sizes of tractor, kitchen, flat-screen TV with satellite, and a screened-in deck overlooking the rolling hills of Arlington. It was a sunny day with no wind and 75 degrees. I quickly determined that the two gentlemen responsible for bringing the Aronia bush back to the states were just the kind of vendor that Orenda would be honored to work with. They would be welcome as one of our six sides.